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Post by Unforsaken on Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:05 am

Who can deny a cigar by the name of Roxor?? This almost belongs in the Computers section, but alas time to get to the cigar. At first glance, this particular stick appeared well made. The wrapper was quite smooth, nicely rolled and had very few veins. A pinch confirmed the inside was just as nice as the out, even throughout and not lacking on filler leaves. The initial draw after the cut was quite flawless, very smooth and hinting towards the tastes to come, sweet, yet notes of chocolate as well as some spice. The burn and ash were flawless from foot to two inches from the head, and the flavors were rather consistent through the beginning and end. The middle seemed to lack in flavors, and as the end approached I was greeted with less spice and more coffee notes and continuing chocolate, and ending in an almost burnt coffee. For a cigar that I have not heard about before this, other than a certain Admin smoking one while intoxicated..... last week, I was pleasantly surprised with a nice, relaxing, mild cigar.
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